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Contact Lenses

New Technology in Contact Lens

At Lewis & McConnell Optometrist we offer the latest in contact lens technology, including the latest silicon hydrogel materials and a full range of disposable and non disposable contact lenses.

If you haven't tried contact lenses, now is a good time, advancement in technology means that there's a contact lens suitable for almost every person requiring vision correction.

Our experienced Optometrists will assess your eyes to find the best contact lens to suit all your lifestyle requirements.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses for all ages

Whether its fitting contact lenses to children or teenagers for school or sport, or fitting 45 -70 year olds with contacts to free them up from the spectacles for daily tasks we can find a contact lens solution for you. Want to read your Iphone on the beach and wear whatever sunglass you want and still see the kids out swimming? Or go out for a meal and read the menu without having to pull out your reading glasses? Then multifocal contact lenses may be for you. New materials, new designs continue to open up the contact lens world to those who thought it not possible.

Contact Lenses for Various Prescriptions

There have been major advances in contact lens technology over the past ten years so contact lenses are now an option for almost anyone. People thinking they can't wear contact lenses because they have astigmatism or they wear thick glasses, is a thing of the past.

Contact lenses can now be used to correct virtually all types of refractive error, irrespective of their prescription, including:

  • myopia
  • hyperopia
  • astigmatism

Contact lenses may be fitted only for cosmetic reasons, say to change the eye colour or to improve the cosmesis in a patient with a scarred or badly disfigured eye. Orthokeratology uses contact lenses in a programmed way to remould the shape of the cornea to reduce or eliminate short-sightedness or astigmatism errors in the eye. Some contact lenses can be worn continuously, including during sleep, for extended periods of time.

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