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Childrens Vision

Visual Disorders

1 in 5 Children suffer from an undetected visual disorder. With a young son himself Stewart knows the importance of eye care for children. We all understand of their need to see clearly. But it is also important for children to see comfortably to be able to perform at their best in their learning environment. We therefore tailor our visit to thoroughly assess their binocular performance.

UP TO 3.5 years old

A very critical time in a young child's visual development. Significant errors like hypermetropia (longshighted), myopia (shortsighted) and astigmastism may need to be corrected to maximise the image received by the retina and ensure the optimum signal is being presented to the visual part of the brain. If not, then lazy and turned eyes can develop. We recommend children are seen at 3.5 years old and then again just before starting primary school.


To read a book, or a tablet/device, the eyes need to point in the right direction (alignment), focus to the correct distance (accommodation) and to be able to maintain both of these requirements (reserves) for extended periods to get the best out of their learning experience. If something breaks down with these factors their visual comfort will be challenged, and in turn their concentration and comprehension may also be compromised.

In the primary school years it is important to ensure there are no visual barriers to learning. As the kids rise through the years and into the later stages of high school their performance can be hindered by accommodative and convergence disorders with the increased workload - visual correction in class and at home whilst studying can make a significant impact on improving performance.

Seeing clearly and seeing comfortably is our goal for the kids.


Our goal is to allow the children to see clearly and comfortably, hence we will look for any accommodative or convergence disorders that need correcting. If the visual system is then meeting all the criteria for seeing clearly and comfortably but the child is still demonstrating a learning difficulty, then referral to the appropriate educational expert is recommended.


We live in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by screens. New lenses called "anti-fatigue" lenses are making the world of difference to kids doing lots of screen/tablet time. We are lucky to be able to prescribe now fiters that can be added as a coating to your childrens glasses to protect them from Blue light - it is the wavelength of light that emanates from screens that can penetrate the eyes. So long term safety at screens is now part of the care we off you.


Myopia is on the rise. The evidence is growing all the time. - get your kids outside! Limit time on devices and screens. Ask us how we can better prevent our kids from becoming more shortsighted and putting their ocular health at greater risk as they get older.

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